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TIDE MARITIME ASSOCIADOS LTDA was established in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil in 2003 as a ship brokerage house focused on tanker business.

Its founders and partners have extensive experience and background in the Brazilian and International ship-owning, trading and shipbrokerage.

The continuous growth in the Bio fuel and Oil & Offshore markets in South American, has conducted TIDE MARITIME ASSOCIADOS LTDA to a higher level in its segment. In 2008 TIDE MARITIME ASSOCIADOS LTDA, thru a joint venture/marketing with Geneva based company TIDE MARITIME SERVICES S.A, became the first Brazilian brokerage shop with joint venture/marketing abroad.

This pioneer has benefited us in order to expand the coverage for different time zones across the globe. And at the same time it makes us able to develop cargoes combinations and bring creative solutions to our customers, adding value to the services provided.